Absinthe Spoon

Absinthe one of the finest liquor of all times has made a handsome comeback after being banned for almost a century. Absinthe accessories and other barware like absinthe glasses, absinthe spoons and other absinthe products have been in great demand the world over. Part of the demand is due to the history and the culture associated with it. Absinthe is a drink that has to be prepared by following a traditional ritual. There are two very commonly followed rituals to make the absinthe drink.

Traditional French ritual requires an absinthe glass, absinthe, special absinthe spoon, sugar cubes, and ice cold water. The first step involves pouring absinthe dose in the special absinthe glass which has an etched line to mark the quantity of absinthe. A special flat perforated absinthe spoon is placed on top of the glass and a sugar cube is placed on the spoon. Ice cold water is then dripped over the cube so that it dissolves in the dripping water and falls in the glass containing absinthe. As the absinthe gets diluted it turns from clear green to opaque white, this is called the louche effect. Louching happens as essential oils from the herbs such as wormwood gets precipitated.

Absinthe spoons have a very important part in the absinthe ritual and as such they are a very important accessory in bars and caf├ęs that serve absinthe. The absinthe spoon is perforated and slotted in order to allow the sugar and ice-cold water to seep through. Absinthe has high alcohol content and adding water is a necessity. Initially absinthe spoon were only functional but by the end of the 1870s absinthe spoons got a very decorative and refined look. A wide variety of designs, style, and forms of absinthe spoons were seen at the bars.

Some of the styles and designs are works of art and more often their design and form represent a period in history. In 1889 the Eiffel tower was inaugurated and to mark this historical occasion, absinthe spoon was made in the shape of the Eiffel tower. This is the most sought after style of spoon. The original Eiffel tower spoon today commands a premium in the antique market. Some spoons resembled leaves while others had geometrical designs. Absinthe spoons were also used for publicity by producers of absinthe.

Absinthe spoons still carry a heavy price tag. The commemorative and antique spoons are collectibles and command a premium. Even other accessories such as fountains which were used to pour cold water over sugar cubes, and absinthe glasses are much in demand. Original absinthe spoons are difficult to separate from the fakes that are being peddled as originals. One secret tip is to look for the stamping as original spoons were stamped while fakes are molded. Also original spoons will have show some defects and differences when two original absinthe spoons are compared.

In case you do not want to buy the original absinthe you can opt for exact replicas for as less as $10. There are a number of websites that sell absinthe spoons and other absinthe accessories at reasonable prices. One such place is absinthekit.com