Absinthe Spoons

The absinthe ritual, which is so essential for louching absinthe, will not be possible without the absinthe spoon. Initially various devices were used for this purpose. The most common device was a metal cup with perforations at the bottom. This cup had wire legs and the cup was placed the glass and it rested on the rim of the glass. The sugar cube was placed in this cup and water added over it. Absinthe strainers and absinthe mixers were also prevalent in the initial days. Around the end of the nineteenth century, 1880 to be precise the absinthe spoon or cuillere was introduced. Since then absinthe spoon became an integral part of the absinthe ritual.

Many spoons from absinthe’s golden era still survive. Marie-Claude Delahaye, founder of the Musée de l’Absinthe, an avid collector of absinthe artifacts and an authority on absinthe history has documented more than 375 types of absinthe spoons. Absinthe spoons can be classified into three major categories. The first major category is also the most common. This type of spoon is more like a French shovel, there were several variations to this type the most famous variations included shapes of leaves “les feuilles”. These types of absinthe spoons were in the shape of leaves of various herbs used in the preparation of absinthe. A very famous variation is that of the Eiffel tower, this original absinthe spoon is in great demand. The second type of absinthe spoons are the “les grilles” and the third type is the “les cuilleres”.

Generally absinthe spoons were made of cheap metal as they were intended for public use. The metal of choice was nickel silver or other alloys. Some nickel spoons were chrome or silver plated. Solid silver spoons were used by people from higher classes and hotels. One common thing about absinthe spoons is that most had intricate geometrical designs. Today spoons from the nineteenth century carry a heavy price tag for their antique value.

For absinthe lovers today a great number of spoons are available. The price range is from a few dollars to as high as $50. The price depends on the design, metal, and style of the spoon. The absinthe spoons are about six to eight inches in length.

Thanks to the internet a variety of absinthe spoons, absinthe glasses, and absinthe fountains can be found in online stores. Some stores offer free spoons as promotion along with absinthe bottle or absinthe kit. When choosing absinthe spoons you need to consider the size of the spoon as it should fit properly on your absinthe glass. The preferred metal should be stainless steel or aluminum as iron spoons may rust easily.

It is recommended that you buy good quality absinthe spoons; this may be slightly expensive but will ensure that you get the perfect louching and absinthe flavor won’t be compromised. One place where you get good deals on quality absinthe spoons and other absinthe accessories is abinthekit.com.