Jade Absinthe

Jade absinthe or the fabled green colored aperitif is making a stunning comeback in most parts of the world. Today, almost all west European countries have lifted the century long ban imposed on absinthe. No drink in history has been so wrongfully blamed as absinthe. Absinthe has been blamed for almost all miseries from madness to serial murders.

Absinthe also nicknamed as the “Green Fairy” was the most popular liquor of nineteenth century Europe. Original absinthe was a potent blend of various alpine herbs soaked in alcohol. Several artists and writers in the nineteenth century were devotees of absinthe. This liquor was liked by both the masses and classes of nineteenth century Europe. At one time it was more popular than wine.

Since, lifting of the ban absinthe has generated a great deal of interest amongst connoisseurs of fine liquor. Younger people today want to taste pre-ban absinthe. Vintage absinthes of the pre-ban period recovered from old cellars in Europe are fetching astronomical prices; however, not everyone can afford to pay huge sums to taste the original absinthe.

Thankfully, T.A. Breaux a professional scientist has taken it upon himself to offer connoisseurs the opportunity to taste and relish the experience of original pre-ban absinthe. T.A. Breaux established Jade liqueurs in the year 2000 to produce recreations of classic absinthes of nineteenth century Europe. A chance discovery of rare pre-ban absinthe bottles in a Corsican cellar have allowed Mr. Breaux and his other associates to use modern analytical tools to unlock the secrets of vintage absinthe.

Jade absinthes are made using accurate and authentic recipes. The herbs used in making absinthe are harvested from specific areas of Europe and at particular time of the year, as was done during the pre-ban era. Some of the stills used for distillation are carefully restored and date back to the nineteenth century. Ted Breaux and his associates have done huge amount of original research to produce or recreate original absinthe. Jade absinthe is balanced and has the same herbal aroma and the lingering taste of vintage absinthe. Tasting this absinthe is bound to take the connoisseur back in history when the Green Fairy was the favorite muse of great masters like Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and Oscar Wilde.

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