Vintage Absinthe

Absinthe the legendary liquor of nineteenth century Europe has made a stunning comeback after being banned for most part of the twentieth century. Absinthe is considered a living fossil amongst all modern drinks. It has the ability to transport its lovers back to the magical days of nineteenth century Europe. Absinthe was the most popular drink of Europeans before it was wrongfully banned. Pre ban Vintage absinthe reminds connoisseurs of the glittering cafés of Paris, bohemian musicians, great painters like Vincent Van Gogh and Picasso and an era that epitomized artistic and cultural refinement.

Absinthe was invented by a French doctor Dr. Pierre Ordinaire just after the French revolution. It was initially used for treating stomach ailments. It was also called “La Fee Verte” or “The Green Fairy” this nickname is fondly used even today. In 1805 the first factory to commercially produce absinthe was started by Henri Louis Pernod, as by that time absinthe was considered an appetizing alcoholic beverage. Absinthe’s popularity grew by leaps and bounds and soon it became the most preferred drink in all cabarets and cafés of Paris. Everyday 5 p.m. was celebrated as the green hour.

By the middle of the nineteenth century concerns were raised as chronic abuse of absinthe had started creating social problems. Absinthe was blamed for a syndrome called absinthism. Hallucinations, epileptic fits, and hyper-excitability were considered as the classic symptoms of this new syndrome. Belgium banned absinthe in the year 1905 and by 1915 almost all European countries except Spain had banned absinthe. Most of the reputed distilleries that were producing absinthe went bankrupt and closed down while some distilleries started producing pastis.

However, in the beginning of this century most European countries lifted the ban on absinthe in the light of new discoveries that rubbished the claim that absinthe contained abnormal levels of thujone. This renewed interest in absinthe; and once again absinthe started to claim its rightful place amongst the finest of liquors. Suddenly vintage bottles of absinthe were the most sought after items and collectors began collecting vintage absinthe bottles from century old cellars.

Vintage absinthe sells for a phenomenal amount and there are people who are ready to pay hundreds of dollars for a 30mL samples. Perfectly sealed bottles with the cork intact sell for hundreds of dollars. The absinthe in these vintage absinthe bottles is very well preserved and louches beautifully and is remarkably smooth to drink.
However, not everyone has the resources to buy vintage absinthe just to spend an evening with the “Green Fairy”. The best alternative to vintage absinthe is to order absinthe essence and prepare your very own absinthe with neutral spirits like vodka. United States continues to ban production and sale of absinthe. US citizens can posses and consume absinthe as it is not a crime. The closest you can get to taste pre-ban absinthe is by ordering absinthe essence from non-US producers of absinthe essence and absinthe kits and make your own absinthe at home. The essence is made using the classic absinthe recipes. is the most trusted site that offers a variety of genuine absinthe essence, absinthe kits, and other absinthe accessories.