Where Can You Buy Absinthe?

It’s not so much a question of where can you buy Absinthe, but more a question of where can you buy quality wormwood Absinthe?

If you walk into a liquor store there will be a vast array of spirits, liqueurs, beer, cider and wine and looking for a good bottle of Absinthe may be tricky. It will probably be easier to order your first Absinthe online.

However, there are also many websites offering sales of Absinthe so how do you know what Absinthe to buy? Here are some buying tips:-

– Use websites like absinthebuyersguide.com and lafeeverte.net to educate yourself about Abinthe and for recommendations on what Absinthe to try.

– Choose whether you want a “Deluxe” Absinthe, a “Classic” Absinthe or a “Speciality” Absinthe. Deluxe Absinthes are high quality Absinthes and include Absinthes like Franco Suisse, Absinthe Suisse La Bleue Clandestine, Pernod Absinthe (not Pastis), Francoise Guy and Suisse Vert. Classic Absinthes are a slightly lower quality than deluxe styles and include Spanish Absinthes (known as Absenta) such as Deva Absenta and Mari Mayans. Speciality Absinthes are for people who want something a bit different, Absinthe with a twist, and include Hill’s Anise Free Absinthe from the Czech republic, Mansinthe created by Marilyn Manson and Gothica from Germany which is 80% alcohol by volume.

– Read product descriptions carefully. For example, Hill’s Anise free Absinthe is not a true Absinthe because it does not contain anise. You would not buy this one if you wanted a true Absinthe flavor. Wormwood “bitters” like Bairnsfather Bitter are not Absinthes.

– Read reviews on Absinthes – Find out what other people are saying about particular brands of Absinthes.

– Look at the thujone content, if listed. True Absinthe contains wormwood which contains the chemical thujone.

– Look at how strong the Absinthe is, what its alcohol by volume is. Most Absinthes are between 50 and 75% abv.

– Once you have chosen a particular brand of Absinthe, shop around for the best price and remember to take shipping costs into account as well as the sale price.

In your search for good quality Absinthe, you may come across Absinthekits, kits to help you make your very own bottled Green Fairy. Absinthe kits can be great fun to use but some do not really provide you with original tasting Absinthe.

Where Can You Buy Absinthe Kits?

If you search online for Absinthe kits you get a huge list of different types of kits. How do you choose from these and what types of kits are available?

– Steeping Kit – Absinthe kits such as those from Green Devil provide you with herbs to steep in alcohol and filters to filter the mixture. No distillation is involved which means that you can make it legally in most countries BUT if there is no distillation then there is not going to be a true Absinthe resulting from the procedure.

– Absinthe Kits which are gift items and are not for producing your own Absinthe but contain a ready made Absinthe with an Absinthe spoon and sugar to prepare your Absinthe drink according to the Ritual.

– Absinthe Essences – AbsintheKit.com make Absinthe essences which are 100% natural essences made from a variety of herbs including wormwood, aniseed and fennel. The great thing about these essences is that they are already distilled so all you have to do is to mix an essence with a neutral alcohol, like vodka or Everclear, to get a true Absinthe. No steeping or filtering is needed and these essences are also sold to the Absinthe industry. You can purchase the essences in 20ml bottles, for $3.95, to make a 750ml bottle of Absinthe, or you can purchase a kit which includes a 280ml bottle of essence to make 14 bottles of Absinthe, a handy measure and 14 artistic bottle labels – all for $29! Order at their web shop at AbsintheKit.com.

There are so many resources online to help you with the question “where can you buy Absinthe?”, have fun learning more about the mythical Green Fairy.