Jade Absinthe is a range of premium handcrafted Absinthes which are clones of vintage Absinthes produced in the Belle Epoque period of French history – the time when Absinthe was one of the most popular drinks in France and was linked with the Bohemian culture of Montmartre, the Moulin Rouge and the artists and writers who resided in Paris at the time. Absinthe is an anise flavored liquor made with wormwood and prepared in an Absinthe glass by pouring iced water over a cube of sugar on a special slotted Absinthe spoon.

Ted Breaux, from New Orleans in the USA, has made it his mission to clone the fine Absinthes of the late 19th and early 20th century for people to enjoy today. Every one of his Jade Absinthes is distilled in the Combier Distillery in Saumur, France – a famous Absinthe distillery. These Jade Absinthes are even distilled using equipment such as alambics and stills which were used by the Pernod distillery until it was hit by lightning in 1901 and in the still room designed by Gustave Eiffel, designer of the Eiffel Tower!

Breaux is committed to producing Absinthe by hand, using original antique equipment and using 19th century production techniques. Breaux was even able to get his hands on vintage bottles of original Swiss style Absinthe, created by C F Berger in 1830, to study so that he could learn from it and clone this fine Absinthe.

The Jade Absinthe Collection

The Breaux collection of Jade Absinthes includes:-

– Jade PF 1901 (68% ABV 136 Proof). Winner of a Silver medal at the 2007 London International Wine and Spirit Competition. This Absinthe is named after the date that the Pernod Fils Distillery in Pontarlier was struck by lightning. The Jade line of Absinthes is produced in the copper stills purchased from Pernod Fils after the fire. Jade PF 1901 has been described as a classic traditional “old school” Absinthe and people who have had the opportunity to taste vintage bottles of Pernod Fils Absinthe and Jade PF 1901 have said that they are very similar.

– Jade Verte Suisse 65 (65% ABV 130 Proof). This Absinthe won a Gold Medal at the 2007 London International Wine and Spirit Competition. This Absinthe is cloned from the vintage bottle of Swiss Absinthe that Breaux was able to secure. Switzerland was the home of Absinthe and known for the quality of its Absinthes.

– Nouvelle-Orleans (68% ABV 136 Proof). This Absinthe is said to be light with a floral aroma. It is a clone of the Absinthes which were served in the French parts of New Orleans in the USA. It won the silver medal at the 2006 London International Wine and Spirit Competition.

– Edouard 72 (72% ABV 144 Proof). Winner of a Silver medal at the 2006 London International Wine and Spirit Competition. This Absinthe is a clone of the famous Edouard Pernod Absinthe and is a traditional Belle Epoque Absinthe.

– Combier Blanchette (60% ABV 120 Proof). This Swiss style clear Absinthe won Gold Medal at the Pontarlier Absinthiades competition in 2006. Based on the La Bleue Swiss Absinthe, this Absinthe is the original Absinthe that was distilled at the Combier Distillery at the turn of the 20th century. It is said to have the traditional anise and wormwood flavors with flavors of alpine herbs.

Breaux has also been involved in creating an Absinthe for the American market. In the USA, thujone, the chemical found in wormwood, is strictly regulated and so normal Absinthe is still banned. Breaux’s expertise, coupled with the legal knowledge of Gared Gurfein, has led to the production of Lucid, an Absinthe created from traditional Absinthe recipes which only contained minute quantities of thujone. Breaux’s dream of re-introducing Absinthe to his home city, New Orleans the Paris of the USA, has been realized and Lucid is available to buy in the US. Breaux has been looking forward to seeing his Absinthe being served with the traditional glasses and spoons in bars in the US for a long time.

Jade Absinthe is available to buy online or you can create your own traditional Absinthe using real wormwood Absinthe essences from AbsintheKit.com – an easy way to enjoy the Green Fairy.